Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday is a Great Day for a Photo

Daddy's little girl.  Last Christmas Super Dad had a great idea to by his daughter her own tools.  Just food for thought guys, not such a great idea for the long haul.  We had fun building her first tool box, she did really well.  It started her on a grand building adventure.  She built herself a stage outside and she has tried to help Daddy with everything.  This is such a great feeling to have her want to be involved in what I am doing.  The bad part is that we use her tools in the house.  When we need to find a screw driver and one is not instantly available, we grab hers.  That means that we aren't exactly sure where all her tools are.  Yes, I know, bad parents.  Christmas is right around the corner this year and I am already planning on buying her a couple more kids build kits from Lowe's.  Hopefully we'll find all her tools before we want to put them together. 

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