Thursday, December 1, 2011

Home Alone?

So, this year the bus driver asked my wife it would be ok for her to let Random Girl off the bus without her being present.  Of course, we thought about it for a day or so and then told her yes, that would be fine.  Always prepared, we went ahead and got her a princess key for the house and put it in her book bag for that "just in case" situation, hoping never to need it.  Needless to say, several weeks after receiving said key, a miscommunication landed my 6 year old at home, alone.  Not being prepared she panicked and my wife found her several minutes after the bus had dropped her off, crying at the end of our driveway.  Yes, we are magnificent parents

So, my wife takes this prime opportunity to educate Random Girl on exactly what she needs to do in case she finds herself at home along again.  She covered all the bases, and being the genius that she is, Random Girl brought up some good points on her own.  So, now she knows to come straight in the house, lock the door and dead bolt, watch some TV, and if someone shows up she doesn't know, hide in our bedroom with the door shut and locked.  Pretty simple rules, she seems pretty good with it.

So, as of yesterday, we have now let her come home two more times without anyone being at home and everything has been fine.  Yesterday however, we got stuck at the car dealership trying to get financed for a car and didn't make it home for an hour and a half after Random Girl got off the bus.  Mom and I were both extremely nervous.  We actually left early to make sure everything was fine and of course it was.  When we pull in the driveway, she runs out, wraps her arms around me and says "Where have you been?  I have been waiting all day long for you to come home."  My little princess.  So now I feel better about the once in a while occasions when she comes home and is alone.  What are your thoughts?  What's a proper age to let your child stay at home alone and for how long?  They grow up so fast now, it's hard to tell when it's too early.  What do  you think?

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